Type Method


Initializes and returns a newly created NSURL object as a file URL with a specified path.


class func fileURL(withPath path: String) -> URL



The path that the NSURL object will represent. path should be a valid system path, and must not be an empty path. If path begins with a tilde, it must first be expanded with expandingTildeInPath. If path is a relative path, it is treated as being relative to the current working directory.

Return Value

An NSURL object initialized with path.


This method assumes that path is a directory if it ends with a slash. If path does not end with a slash, the method examines the file system to determine if path is a file or a directory. If path exists in the file system and is a directory, the method appends a trailing slash. If path does not exist in the file system, the method assumes that it represents a file and does not append a trailing slash.

As an alternative, consider using fileURL(withPath:isDirectory:), which allows you to explicitly specify whether the returned NSURL object represents a file or directory.

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Related Symbols

init(fileURLWithPath: String)

Initializes a newly created NSURL referencing the local file or directory at path.