Initializes an NSURL object with a base URL and a relative string.


init?(string URLString: String, relativeTo baseURL: URL?)



The URL string with which to initialize the NSURL object. Must conform to RFC 2396. URLString is interpreted relative to baseURL.


The base URL for the NSURL object.

Return Value

An NSURL object initialized with URLString and baseURL. If URLString was malformed, returns nil.


This method allows you to create a URL relative to a base path or URL. For example, if you have the URL for a folder on disk and the name of a file within that folder, you can construct a URL for the file by providing the folder’s URL as the base path (with a trailing slash) and the filename as the string part.

This method expects URLString to contain only characters that are allowed in a properly formed URL. All other characters must be properly percent escaped. Any percent-escaped characters are interpreted using UTF-8 encoding.

init(string:relativeTo:) is the designated initializer for NSURL.

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An NSURL object represents a URL that can potentially contain the location of a resource on a remote server, the path of a local file on disk, or even an arbitrary piece of encoded data.


Creates and returns an NSURL object initialized with a base URL and a relative string.