A recording of all of the values provided by a GCExtendedGamepad object.


To create a gamepad snapshot, call the saveSnapshot() method on a GCExtendedGamepad object. The GCExtendedGamepadSnapshot class is a subclass of the GCExtendedGamepad class, so you use the parent class’s properties to read the individual element values. The snapshot is stored in a device independent format. To get the flattened data representation of the snapshot data, read the snapshotData property.


Converting Between Extended Snapshots and Data Objects

init(snapshotData: Data)

Initializes a snapshot object with the flattened data representation obtained from another snapshot.

init(controller: GCController, snapshotData: Data)

Initializes a snapshot object associated with a specific controller using a flattened data representation obtained from another snapshot.

var snapshotData: Data

Flattens a snapshot into an archivable memory representation.

Flattening a Snapshot to Memory


A structure that holds a snapshot of an extended gamepad controller’s input data.

func NSDataFromGCExtendedGamepadSnapShotDataV100(UnsafeMutablePointer<GCExtendedGamepadSnapShotDataV100>?)

Encapsulates the controller data from a extended gamepad structure into an NSData object.

func GCExtendedGamepadSnapShotDataV100FromNSData(UnsafeMutablePointer<GCExtendedGamepadSnapShotDataV100>?, Data?)

Copies the recorded data from an extended gamepad snapshot into a readable structure.


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