Texture drawing parameters for use in GLKit rendering effects.


The GLKEffectPropertyTexture class defines properties that are used to configure an OpenGL texturing operation. The texturing operation combines an input color and a color sampled from the texture and outputs a new color to the next stage of calculations. The envMode property determines the function used to calculate the output color from the two input colors.

If an effect only includes a single texture property, then the input color is the lighting color calculated by the lighting stage of the graphics pipeline. An effect can also include multiple GLKEffectPropertyTexture objects. When an effect includes multiple properties, the first texture stage uses the lighting color as the first input color. Each texture stage after that uses the output of the previous stage as the input color.


Configuring Texture Properties

var enabled: GLboolean

A Boolean value that indicates whether this texture is used to texture drawn primitives.

var envMode: GLKTextureEnvMode

The mode the texture uses to compute its output fragment color. See GLKTextureEnvMode.

var name: GLuint

The OpenGL name for the texture being sampled by this texture stage.

var target: GLKTextureTarget

The kind of texture pointed to by the texture stage. See GLKTextureTarget.



The kind of texture pointed to by the property.


The mode used to combine the texture with other color components.


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