The ADInterstitialAdDelegate protocol is implemented by an object so that your application can respond to changes in an ADInterstitialAd object. An ad object calls its delegate whenever the state of the ad changes.


Detecting When Advertisements Are Loaded

func interstitialAdWillLoad(ADInterstitialAd!)

Called before the advertisement loads its content

func interstitialAdDidLoad(ADInterstitialAd!)

Called after the advertisement loads its content.

func interstitialAdDidUnload(ADInterstitialAd!)

Called after a full-screen ad disposes of its content.

Detecting When a User Interacts With an Advertisement

func interstitialAdActionDidFinish(ADInterstitialAd!)

Called after an full-screen ad finishes executing its action.

Detecting Errors

func interstitialAd(ADInterstitialAd!, didFailWithError: Error!)

Called when an full-screen ad fails to load a new advertisement.


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