Implementing this protocol on your service plug-in's principal class indicates that your service supports one-to-one instant messaging If you implement this protocol, you must also include IMService​Capability​Instant​Messaging​Support as a value for the IMService​Capabilities key in the Info.plist file of your service plug-in.


IMService​Plug​In​Instant​Messaging​Support and IMService​Application​Instant​Messaging​Support are paired protocols. If your service plug-in's principal class implements the IMService​Plug​In​Instant​Messaging​Support protocol, the client object passed to your plug-in during initialization will implement the IMService​Application​Instant​Messaging​Support protocol.


Sending Messages

func user​Did​Start​Typing(to​Handle:​ String!)

Indicates that the user started typing a message to a specific handle from the input line.

func user​Did​Stop​Typing(to​Handle:​ String!)

Indicates that the user cleared the input line after typing, instead of sending the message.