- create

Allocates a new level control with the given attributes

- init

Initializes a newly allocated IOAudioLevelControl with the given attributes

- setLinearScale

This function tells CoreAudio if it should apply a curve to the scaler representation of the volume.

- setMaxDB

Sets the maximum value in db that the control may have

- setMaxValue

Sets the maximum value the control may have

- setMinDB

Sets the minimum value in db that the control may have

- setMinValue

Sets the minimum value the control may have

Instance Methods

- addRangeDeprecated
- freeDeprecated
- getMaxDBDeprecated
- getMaxValueDeprecated
- getMetaClass
- getMinDBDeprecated
- getMinValueDeprecated
- initDeprecated
- setMaxDBDeprecated
- setMaxValueDeprecated
- setMinDBDeprecated
- setMinValueDeprecated
- validateValueDeprecated

Type Methods