An MKLocalSearch object initiates a map-based search operation and delivers the results back to your app asynchronously. Search objects are designed to perform one search operation only. To perform several different searches, you must create separate instances of this class and start them separately.


You use this class to perform programmatic searches of map-based information. For example, you can use this class to search for addresses or points-of-interest in much the same way the user might search for those items in the Maps app.


Initializing a Search Request

init(request: MKLocalSearchRequest)

Initializes and returns a search object configured with the specified parameters.

Performing the Search

func start(completionHandler: MKLocalSearchCompletionHandler)

Starts the search and delivers the results to the specified completion handler.

var isSearching: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the search is currently in progress.

func cancel()

Cancels an in-progress search operation.



A completion handler block for a search operation.


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