The MKRoute class defines a single route that the user can follow between a requested start and end point. The route object defines the geometry for the route and includes information you can display to the user in association with that route, such as the name of the route, its distance, and the expected travel time.


You do not create instances of this class directly. Instead, you receive route objects when you request directions from the Maps app. For more information about requesting directions, see MKDirections.


Getting the Route Geometry

var polyline: MKPolyline

The detailed route geometry.

var steps: [MKRouteStep]

The array of steps that comprise the overall route.

Getting Additional Route Details

var name: String

The name assigned to the route.

var advisoryNotices: [String]

An array of advisory notice strings for the route.

var distance: CLLocationDistance

The route distance in meters.

var expectedTravelTime: TimeInterval

The expected travel time in seconds.

var transportType: MKDirectionsTransportType

The overall route transport type.


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