A sorted set of media items from the media library.


Typically, you use this class by requesting an array of collections from a media query by way of its collections property. Media queries are described in MPMediaQuery.

The grouping type for the media query determines the arrangement of the media items you obtain. You also use the media query collections property to obtain synced playlists, as described in MPMediaPlaylist.

A media item collection can have a wide range of metadata associated with it. You access this metadata using the value(forProperty:) method along with the property keys described in this document. You can also access metadata in a batch fashion using the enumerateValues(forProperties:using:) method. In some cases, this is more efficient. Both of these methods are defined in MPMediaEntity (the abstract superclass of MPMediaItemCollection) and described in MPMediaEntity.


Creating a Media Item Collection

init(items: [MPMediaItem])

Initializes a media item collection with an array of media items.

Using a Media Item Collection

var items: [MPMediaItem]

The media items in a media item collection.

var representativeItem: MPMediaItem?

A media item whose properties are representative of the other media items in a collection.

var count: Int

The number of media items in a collection.

var mediaTypes: MPMediaType

The types of the media items in a collection.


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