A simple view controller for displaying full-screen movies.


Unlike using an MPMoviePlayerController object on its own to present a movie immediately, you can incorporate a movie player view controller wherever you would normally use a view controller. For example, you can present it using a tab bar or navigation bar-based interface, taking advantage of the transitions offered by those interfaces.

To present a movie player view controller modally, you typically use the presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated(_:) method. This method is part of a category on the UIViewController class and is implemented by the Media Player framework. The presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated(_:) method presents a movie player view controller using the standard transition animations for presenting video content. To dismiss a modally presented movie player view controller, call the dismissMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated() method.


New Methods

init!(contentURL: URL!)

Returns a movie player view controller initialized with the specified movie.

var moviePlayer: MPMoviePlayerController!

The movie player controller object used to present the movie.