Instance Property


A succinct label that identifies the accessibility element, in a localized string.


var accessibilityLabel: String? { get set }


The default value for this property is nil unless the receiver is a UIKit control, in which case the value is a label derived from the control’s title.

If you implement a custom control or view or if you display a custom icon on a UIKit control, set this property to make sure your accessibility elements have appropriate labels. If an accessibility element does not display a descriptive label, set this property to supply a short, localized label that succinctly identifies the element. For example, a “Play music” button might display an icon that shows sighted users what it does. To be accessible, however, the button should have the accessibility label “Play” or “Play music” so that an assistive application can provide this information to users with disabilities. Note, however, that the label should never include the control type (such as “button”) because this information is contained in the traits associated with the accessibility element.