The IKSlideshow class encapsulates a data source and options for a slideshow.


Creating a Shared Instance of a Slideshow

class func shared()

Returns a shared instance of a slideshow.

Running and Stopping a Slideshow

func run(with:​ IKSlideshow​Data​Source!, in​Mode:​ String!, options:​ [Any​Hashable :​ Any]! = [:​])

Runs a slideshow that contains the specified kind of items, provided from a data source.

func stop(Any!)

Stops a slideshow.

var auto​Play​Delay:​ Time​Interval

Controls the interval of time before a slideshow starts to play automatically.

Getting Slideshow Data

func index​Of​Current​Slideshow​Item()

Returns the index of the current slideshow item.

Reloading Data

func reload​Data()

Reloads the data for a slideshow.

func reload​Item(at:​ Int)

Reloads the data for a slideshow, starting at the specified index.

Exporting Slideshow Items

class func can​Export(to​Application:​ String!)

Finds out whether the slideshow can export its contents to an application.

class func export​Item(Any!, to​Application:​ String!)

Exports a slideshow item to the application that has the provided bundle identifier.


Bundle Identifiers

Identifiers for exporting slideshow items to an application.

Slideshow Modes

The kind of items in the slideshow.

Slideshow Option Keys

Keys for slideshow options.


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