Instance Method


Returns a view presenting the elements of the collection in reverse order.


func reversed() -> ReversedRandomAccessCollection<Array<Element>>


You can reverse a collection without allocating new space for its elements by calling this reversed() method. A ReversedRandomAccessCollection instance wraps an underlying collection and provides access to its elements in reverse order. This example prints the elements of an array in reverse order:

let numbers = [3, 5, 7]
for number in numbers.reversed() {
// Prints "7"
// Prints "5"
// Prints "3"

If you need a reversed collection of the same type, you may be able to use the collection’s sequence-based or collection-based initializer. For example, to get the reversed version of an array, initialize a new Array instance from the result of this reversed() method.

let reversedNumbers = Array(numbers.reversed())
// Prints "[7, 5, 3]"

Complexity: O(1)