The NSLayoutManagerDelegate protocol defines the optional methods implemented by delegates of NSLayoutManager objects.


Invalidating Glyphs and Layout

func layoutManagerDidInvalidateLayout(NSLayoutManager)

Informs the delegate that the given layout manager has invalidated layout information (not glyph information).

func layoutManager(NSLayoutManager, shouldUse: NSControlCharacterAction, forControlCharacterAt: Int)

Returns the control character action for the control character at the given character index.

Handling Layout for Text Containers

func layoutManager(NSLayoutManager, didCompleteLayoutFor: NSTextContainer?, atEnd: Bool)

Informs the delegate that the given layout manager has finished laying out text in the given text container.

func layoutManager(NSLayoutManager, textContainer: NSTextContainer, didChangeGeometryFrom: CGSize)

Sent right before the layout manager invalidates layout due to the text container changing geometry.

Handling Line Fragments

Managing Temporary Attribute Support


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