A control that displays a horizontal series of dots, each of which corresponds to a page in the application’s document (or other data-model entity).


For an example of a page control, see the Weather app when it's configured to display information for more than one location.

When a user taps a page control to move to the next or previous page, the control sends the value​Changed event for handling by the delegate. The delegate can then evaluate the current​Page property to determine the page to display. The page control advances only one page in either direction. The currently viewed page is indicated by a white dot.


Managing the Page Navigation

var current​Page:​ Int

The current page, shown by the receiver as a white dot.

var number​Of​Pages:​ Int

The number of pages the receiver shows (as dots).

var hides​For​Single​Page:​ Bool

A Boolean value that controls whether the page control is hidden when there is only one page.

Updating the Page Display

var page​Indicator​Tint​Color:​ UIColor?

The tint color to be used for the page indicator.

var current​Page​Indicator​Tint​Color:​ UIColor?

The tint color to be used for the current page indicator.

var defers​Current​Page​Display:​ Bool

A Boolean value that controls when the current page is displayed.

func update​Current​Page​Display()

Updates the page indicator to the current page.

Resizing the Control

func size(for​Number​Of​Pages:​ Int)

Returns the size the receiver’s bounds should be to accommodate the given number of pages.


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