UISwipeGestureRecognizer is a concrete subclass of UIGestureRecognizer that looks for swiping gestures in one or more directions. A swipe is a discrete gesture, and thus the associated action message is sent only once per gesture.


UISwipeGestureRecognizer recognizes a swipe when the specified number of touches (numberOfTouchesRequired) have moved mostly in an allowable direction (direction) far enough to be considered a swipe. Swipes can be slow or fast. A slow swipe requires high directional precision but a small distance; a fast swipe requires low directional precision but a large distance.

You may determine the location where a swipe began by calling the UIGestureRecognizer methods location(in:) and location(ofTouch:in:). The former method gives you the centroid if more than one touch was involved in the gesture; the latter gives the location of a particular touch.


Configuring the Gesture

var direction: UISwipeGestureRecognizerDirection

The permitted direction of the swipe for this gesture recognizer.

var numberOfTouchesRequired: Int

The number of touches that must be present for the swipe gesture to be recognized.



The direction of the swipe.


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