UITapGestureRecognizer is a concrete subclass of UIGestureRecognizer that looks for single or multiple taps. For the gesture to be recognized, the specified number of fingers must tap the view a specified number of times.


Although taps are discrete gestures, they are discrete for each state of the gesture recognizer; thus the associated action message is sent when the gesture begins and is sent for each intermediate state until (and including) the ending state of the gesture. Code that handles tap gestures should therefore test for the state of the gesture, for example:

func handleTap(sender: UITapGestureRecognizer) {
    if sender.state == .Ended {
        // handling code

Action methods handling this gesture may get the location of the gesture as a whole by calling the UIGestureRecognizer method location(in:); if there are multiple taps, this location is the first tap; if there are multiple touches, this location is the centroid of all fingers tapping the view. Clients may get the location of particular touches in the tap by calling location(ofTouch:in:); if multiple taps are allowed, this location is that of the first tap.


Configuring the Gesture

var numberOfTapsRequired: Int

The number of taps for the gesture to be recognized.

var numberOfTouchesRequired: Int

The number of fingers required to tap for the gesture to be recognized.


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