Instance Method


Inserts a view below another view in the view hierarchy.


func insertSubview(_ view: UIView, belowSubview siblingSubview: UIView)



The view to insert below another view. It’s removed from its superview if it’s not a sibling of siblingSubview.


The sibling view that will be above the inserted view.


This method establishes a strong reference to view and sets its next responder to the receiver, which is its new superview.

Views can have only one superview. If view already has a superview and that view is not the receiver, this method removes the previous superview before making the receiver its new superview.

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Related Symbols

func exchangeSubview(at: Int, withSubviewAt: Int)

Exchanges the subviews at the specified indices.

func insertSubview(UIView, aboveSubview: UIView)

Inserts a view above another view in the view hierarchy.

func addSubview(UIView)

Adds a view to the end of the receiver’s list of subviews.

func insertSubview(UIView, at: Int)

Inserts a subview at the specified index.