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Marks the end of a begin/commit animation block and schedules the animations for execution.


class func commitAnimations()


If the current animation set is the outermost set, this method starts the animations when the application returns to the run loop. If the current animation set is nested inside another set, this method waits until the outermost set of animations is committed, at which point it commits all of the animations together.

Animations run in a separate thread to avoid blocking the application. In this way, multiple animations can be piled on top of one another. See setAnimationBeginsFromCurrentState(_:) for how to start animations while others are in progress.

Use of this method is discouraged in iOS 4.0 and later. You should use the block-based animation methods to specify your animations instead.

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class func beginAnimations(String?, context: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?)

Marks the beginning of a begin/commit animation block.