This protocol is adopted by the document view of a Web​Frame​View. You can extend WebKit to support additional MIME types by implementing your own document view and document representation classes to render data for specific MIME types. You register those classes using the WebFrame register​Class(_:​representation​Class:​for​MIMEType:​) method. Classes that adopt this protocol are expected to be subclasses of NSView.


Setting the data source

func set​Data​Source(Web​Data​Source!)

Invoked when the data source for this document has been changed.

func data​Source​Updated(Web​Data​Source!)

Invoked when additional data has been received.

Controlling the layout

func set​Needs​Layout(Bool)

Sets whether or not the receiver should change its layout.

func layout()

Invoked when the receiver should change its layout immediately.

Attaching to a window

func view​Did​Move​To​Host​Window()

Invoked when a web view's host window is set.

func view​Will​Move(to​Host​Window:​ NSWindow!)

Invoked when a web view’s host window is about to change.


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