WebFrameView objects and their subviews display the web content contained in a frame. You never create instances of WebFrameView directly—WebView objects create and manage a hierarchy of WebFrameView objects, one for each frame. WebFrameView objects use a scroll view whose document view conforms to the WebDocumentView protocol.


Getting the Web Frame

Getting Subviews

var documentView: NSView!

The subview that displays the web content.

Setting Scrolling Behavior

var allowsScrolling: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the frame view should allow users to scroll.

Printing Views

var canPrintHeadersAndFooters: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver can print headers and footers.

func printOperation(with: NSPrintInfo!)

Returns a print operation object to print this frame.

var documentViewShouldHandlePrint: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the document view should handle a print operation.

func printDocumentView()

Prints the receiver.


Inherits From

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