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Offline Calendar
Best Viewed: Safari on Mac OS X, Windows

Offline Calendar

You can use HTML5 offline data technologies to improve your web applications in a variety of ways. For example, when you store data such as calendar event information in a client-side database, you can search this data much more quickly than data stored on a remote server. Plus, you can listen for online and offline events in JavaScript to sync your local data back to a remote copy as needed. You can also use HTML5 to store all of your web application resources on the user's machine, so that your game can be played even when there isn't an active Internet connection. Combined, HTML5 offline data technologies let you create a highly responsive web application that can always be accessed.

In this example:

  • HTML5 SQL database API is used to add, store, and search calendar events.
  • offline and online window event listeners are used to detect network status.
  • Web page resources such as images, or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files are stored in an HTML5 offline application cache to make the game accessible offline.

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