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iTunes can be licensed by colleges and universities, and for distribution within an organization.

Distribution of iTunes within an organization

The iTunes Site License agreement (PDF) is available for businesses who wish to install iTunes on computers owned or leased by their organization.

Distribution of iTunes by educational institutions

This iTunes Site License agreement (PDF) is available for educational institutions who wish to install iTunes on school computers which are used by students, faculty and staff.

Initiating an agreement

There are no licensing fees associated with the licenses above. To apply for a license, download the agreement form and fill in all the requested information. Then sign and send two copies of the agreement to the address referenced on the form (emailed or faxed agreements are not accepted).

Obtaining the iTunes installers

The iTunes for Mac or Windows installers may be downloaded here. You may not undertake any distribution of iTunes or the iTunes installers until one of the agreements above has been fully executed by Apple.

iTunes and QuickTime logo usage

If you have any questions about licensing iTunes or QuickTime, contact Apple Software Licensing.