Audio and Video in iOS

iOS delivers rich audio and video capabilities. Stream and play full-screen video within your app. Get full programmatic control over video playback and capture. Extend the viewing experience of content from your app with AirPlay. Leverage full control over the audio processing capabilities of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with Core Audio. And for truly sophisticated effects, model audio in 3D with OpenAL.

Media Player

The Media Player framework allows your application to easily play full-screen video. The video source may be a file in the application’s own bundle or loaded from a remote location. A simple callback mechanism notifies your application when the movie completes, so you can take action.

HTTP Live Streaming

Built-in support for HTTP live streaming makes it easy for applications to use standard web servers to stream high-quality audio and video content over the air for playback on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. HTTP live streaming is designed for mobility and can dynamically adjust playback quality to match the available speed of Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Using AV Foundation APIs, HTTP live streaming statistics let you track the popularity of streams and measure various performance metrics. Learn more

AV Foundation

AV Foundation is a single source for recording and playing back audio and video in iOS. Intended for use in applications that need to go beyond the music and movie playback features found in the Media Player framework, AV Foundation provides sophisticated support for handling and managing media items. It includes support for features such as media asset management, media editing, movie capture and playback, track management, stereophonic panning, and more. Learn more

Video Playback and Capture

Applications have full programmatic control over video playback and capture, using APIs in the AV Foundation framework. Get full access to the camera, including video frame data and independent controls, as well as more flexible output. Learn more


AirPlay allows your users to extend the viewing experience of content from your apps. Using Media Player APIs that support AirPlay, you can allow users to view a range of content including music, movies, and photos on their widescreen TV. You can also update your web content to support AirPlay. Learn more

Media Library

With access to the music library on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, your apps can create a custom experience using the user’s own music. Your racing game can turn the player’s favorite playlist into a virtual radio station as the car speeds down the track. It is even possible to let the player pick his own custom playlist directly within your app, queueing up tracks to play without leaving your app.

Core Audio and OpenAL

Core Audio is the professional-grade technology for playing, processing and recording audio. Through Core Audio, your application can play one or more simultaneous sounds, play streamed audio content, and even record audio. Core Audio seamlessly manages the audio environment, automatically routing audio when using headphones, Bluetooth headsets, and docks. It can also trigger vibrations. For advanced effects, the OpenAL API models and plays audio in a 3D space, similar to OpenGL for graphics operations.