Audio and Video in OS X

OS X delivers a rich audio and video experience through a comprehensive set of system-level frameworks and technologies. Powerful APIs that streamline your development process make it easy to incorporate professional-grade audio, music, media, and video functionality into your app.

AV Kit

AV Kit makes it easy to play modern media formats within an Mac app. With very little code, playback can be embedded into a standard Cocoa view, along with standard navigation controls, chapter selection, and support for subtitles. This easy-to-use framework is built on AV Foundation and provides an ideal starting point for transitioning your QuickTime-based app to the latest media technologies.

AV Foundation

AV Foundation provides essential services for working with time-based audiovisual media. Through an Objective-C interface, you can easily examine and compose audiovisual media in your app. An array of powerful classes also make it simple to edit and encode media files. You can even capture audio and video from external devices and manipulate them in realtime. AV Foundation is the recommended framework for working with time-based audiovisual media on the latest versions of iOS and OS X. Learn more

Core Video

Core Video is the processing pipeline for digital video in OS X. It makes it simple for your app to access and manipulate individual frames from AV Foundation  without having to worry about translating between data types or display synchronization issues. If your app performs color correction or filtering, transformations such as warping, or other types of video processing, put Core Video to work for you.

Core Audio

Built to handle multiple channels of high bit rate floating-point digital audio, Core Audio is the foundation for music and audio on OS X. Core Audio allows you integrate low-latency playback, manipulation, and recording of audio into your app. Within Core Audio, the Audio Toolbox framework offers services to read and write audio files, encode and decode compressed formats such as AAC, and access FireWire and USB audio devices. The Audio Toolbox also allows you deliver real-time MIDI editing, including cut, copy, paste, and loop along with APIs for inspecting MIDI events.

Audio Units

Audio Units allow you to extend Core Audio to create audio effects and virtual instruments for Apple apps such as GarageBand, Logic Pro. MainStage and Final Cut Pro X, as well as a multitude of popular third-party apps. The centralized plug-in model for Audio Units makes it simple for users to manage the audio capabilities of their audio apps.