Features in OS X

System Features For Developers


Open Computing Language makes it possible for developers to tap the vast gigaflops of computing power currently in the graphics processor and use it for any application.

Grand Central Dispatch

All of OS X is multicore aware and optimized for allocating tasks across multiple cores and processors, with GCD APIs that make it easy for developers to squeeze every last drop of power from the latest Macs.


Gatekeeper is a security feature that gives users control over which software can be installed on their Mac. Signing your application with your Developer ID gives users confidence that they can safely install and run your application.

App Sandboxing

App Sandboxing helps protect users by making it more difficult for malicious software to compromise their systems.


Access to the UNIX shell with tabs, colors, and Unicode support.

UNIX tools

All the most popular command line tools such as bash, grep, curl, zip, and tar.


TextEdit, vim, and emacs are installed on every Mac.


A complete Java development platform, including the JRE, Web Start, java compiler, Ant build system, and a unique Swing look and feel that matches the Mac.

Script languages

AppleScript, Perl, Python, Ruby are available on every Mac. Fire up Terminal.app and begin coding in your favorite scripting language.

Apple Event Bridge

Command and query applications from languages such as Objective-C, Ruby, and Python, using the same messaging architecture as AppleScript.


Zero-configuration networking makes it easy to discover and start communicating with other computers or devices on your network.


In-App Purchase

Sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions.

iCloud Storage

Enable your apps to store content in iCloud, keeping your Mac apps and iOS apps up to date automatically.

Game Center

Connect users to other Mac and iOS game players and bring the excitement of multiplayer and turn-based gaming to your Mac apps.

Push Notifications

Send over-the-air alerts, such as news updates or social networking status changes, using Apple’s Push Notification service.

Cocoa Frameworks


A GUI designer’s toolbox, including all the standard Mac controls such as buttons, windows, lists, and popups, all integrated for easy use within Xcode and Interface Builder.

Multi-Touch Gestures and Animations

Add fluid and realistic gesture responses, including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zooming, and full-screen swiping.


The graphics frameworks range from high-level Core Animation and Core Image to industry standard OpenGL for creating spectacular applications.

AV Foundation

The AV Foundation framework lets you play and compose time-based audiovisual media. A flexible Objective-C interface makes it simple to capture, edit, and encode audio and video in your app.

Multicore APIs

Specialized APIs such as NSOperation make it easy to write Cocoa applications that can maximize the potential of today’s multicore Macs.