Apple WWDC 2014

Leave the code behind.

With a variety of entertaining events throughout the week,
you can balance your work with a little play.

The Apple Design Awards

Honor the remarkable developers who used their ingenuity, smarts,
and savvy to build the year's best apps for iOS and OS X.

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Lunchtime Speakers

Feed your imagination and expand your perspective with
talks by industry experts and luminaries.

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Get Togethers

Meet with like-minded peers and Apple experts for engaging
conversations around a specific topic. Learn new things, get inspired,
and motivate each other to take your ideas to new heights.

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  • Women in Technology

  • Apps for Kids

  • Game Developers

  • Apps for China

  • Apps and Location

  • Apps for Enterprise

  • More to be announced

Stump the Experts

Things can get a little wild in this friendly game of Apple trivia.
Go head-to-head against our very best.

The Bash

Revel in a one-of-a-kind experience with exceptional music,
great food and drinks, and the cheerful company of new friends.