Apple WWDC 2014

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With over 100 technical and design-focused sessions presented by Apple engineers, you’ll be the first to learn about the latest exciting technologies in iOS and OS X.
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Creating a delightful user experience for your app is vital. Learn how to refine the UI of your iOS and OS X apps and games to focus on simplicity, content, and ease of use. See how the effective use of layering, animation, and refined visual touches can add vitality and improve overall user experience, making your app more compelling, familiar, and engaging. Dive deep into valuable design concepts and techniques to enhance the usability and appeal of your app, refine your approach to prototyping, improve the experience of on-boarding new users, and optimize your designs for In-App Purchase. Speak to Apple’s UI experts in the User Interface Design Lab to receive design guidance tailored for your app or game.

App Frameworks

Learn how to modernize your code for what's coming next. UIKit and AppKit provide the essential infrastructure for drawing to the screen, handling events and gestures, and creating common user interface elements within your iOS app or Mac app. Explore new enhancements to these key frameworks. Learn to incorporate realistic motion, fluid transitions, and real-world behavior and characteristics such as gravity into your app’s animations. Discover how to use Auto Layout to create adaptive app interfaces, simplify your code, and make it easier to support multiple screen sizes and orientations. Add powerful text handling and typographical features with Text Kit. Support the multi-lingual capabilities and accessibility features of iOS and OS X to bring more of what your app has to offer to users who speak other languages and to users with disabilities.


Take your app’s functionality beyond the device with a wealth of frameworks and services available in iOS and OS X. Allow people to share valuable content with friends, social networks, and other services from within your UI. Gain an understanding about how best to store content in iCloud, keep your app content up to date automatically, and give your users a consistent and seamless experience across iCloud-enabled devices. Learn how to support Passbook to add convenience and time- or location-based store cards, passes, and tickets. Dig into the latest capabilities of notifications, multi-tasking, calendaring, reminders, and more. Find out what’s new with StoreKit and Newsstand, and learn the latest techniques for selling premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions directly from within your free or paid app.

Location and Motion

iOS 7 offers powerful location-based technologies such as iBeacon technology, region monitoring, and geofencing, so your app can give people detailed information about where they are and how active they are. Learn how to use the M7 motion coprocessor and Core Motion framework to efficiently measure motion and heading data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. Gain insight into guiding people to their destinations through enhancements to the Map Kit framework, such as new directions APIs, 3D maps support, controlling viewing perspective, and detailed map overlays.

Graphics and Games

iOS and OS X offer an incredible array of cutting-edge graphics and game technologies. Learn how to create apps that are 64-bit optimized, motion aware, power smart, and take advantage of the rich capabilities of iOS and OS X. See how OpenGL ES provides access to the exceptional power of the Apple A7 chip to deliver innovative graphics in games and other 3D apps. Learn more about Sprite Kit, the intuitive graphics framework ready-made for developing 2D action games, platformers, puzzle games, and much more. Understand Scene Kit and see how to efficiently load, manipulate, and render 3D scenes on OS X. See how OpenGL and OpenCL let your app unleash the parallel compute and rendering power of the Mac Pro. Get expert tips and advice for supporting MFi game controllers, Game Center, and much more.


Apple provides state-of-the-art tools and technologies for developing apps that deliver dynamic audio, video, and other types of engaging content. Gain expert insight into best practices and understand the key concepts underlying the modern media architecture of iOS and OS X. Dive into enhancements to AV Foundation and learn about capturing, editing, playing, and streaming audio and video. Check out the power of Core Image and integrate amazing effects and detectors in your camera and photo apps. Learn how your apps can take advantage of professional-grade technologies for playing, processing and recording audio. See how iAd brings unique and compelling ad experiences to your users, making it easy for you to earn revenue and promote your app. Discover new features and best practices for using web technologies to deliver a great experience in Safari and within native apps.

Core OS

Core OS technologies underpin everything in iOS and OS X, providing the foundations you need to create apps that are fast, secure, connected, and power-efficient. Gain a deep understanding of iOS and OS X security and find out what you need to do to protect users’ privacy. Hear what’s new in networking and connectivity, for communication with network servers, nearby iOS devices, and interfacing with third-party accessories. Discover how to optimize your networking and use of system services, including inter-process communication, to ensure high-performance and long battery life. Learn about the latest developments for iOS in the business and education markets.

Tools and Performance

Xcode provides you with essential tools you need to write better code and high-quality iOS and Mac apps. Learn how to quickly turn your designs into reality by laying out complex interfaces using storyboards in Interface Builder. Easily manage your images and Retina Display quality artwork using Asset Catalogs. Modernize your code to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture of the A7. See how to monitor performance while debugging in Xcode using built-in Debug Gauges, and gain a better understanding of how Instruments provides a deeper analysis of your app’s performance and overall responsiveness. Have the experts show you how to incorporate OS X Server to create bots to continuously build your app.