Join the fun with interactive ways to explore the latest technologies and frameworks. Share your creations on the Apple Developer Forums using the WWDC22 Challenges tag.

  • Challenge: Toolbar transformation Tuesday

    Move over, Taco Tuesday — it's Toolbar Transformation Tuesday!

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  • Challenge: SwiftUI navigation hotdish

    Ready to cook up something fun? We're taking our "SwiftUI cookbook for navigation" sample to a whole new tasty level. Prep your ChallengeContentView and get ready to experiment with SwiftUI navigation ingredients like stack view, multicolumn layout, and state restoration.

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  • Challenge: Pixel perfect design

    Design an app icon at pixel level using black and white colors only, on a 48×48 pixel, 32×32 pixel, or 16×16 pixel canvas.

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  • Challenge: You can build an app for that!

    Whether you've got a problem you've been itching to solve or you want to play with a new framework, Swift Playgrounds makes it easy to get started with building your first app

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  • Challenge: Learn Switch Control through gaming

    Explore a critical assistive technology and solve the WWDC Matching game using only Switch Control.

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  • Challenge: SwiftUI science fiction!

    Floating numbers? Neon code screens? We’re taking a page out of our favorite speculative fiction and challenging you to create a SwiftUI screen from an alternate reality.

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  • Challenge: WidgetKit workshop

    Take a glance at today's WidgetKit challenge, won't you?

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  • Challenge: Create a reactive soundscape

    Bring on the noise: It's time for a sound design challenge! We're inviting you to experiment with creative ways to manipulate sound on iPhone and iPad using its myriad sensors, inputs, and variable states.

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  • Challenge: Draw with metal-cpp

    Get ready to render: On Wednesday, we're inviting you to try out metal-cpp and render your own triangle, sphere, or even a mesh in Xcode.

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  • Challenge: Go big or go home

    What’s better than people loving your app on iPhone? People loving your app on iPad and Mac, too! This challenge invites you to explore the ways you can expand your app’s presence in the Apple ecosystem.

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  • Challenge: Bindless ray tracing

    Get ready to shine a light on this challenge: On Thursday, we're inviting you to explore bindless rendering in Metal 3 and reflect rays on mirrored surfaces.

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  • Challenge: SwiftUI Animation Extravaganza!

    Coding — like painting, dance, and language itself — is a form of artistic expression, and on Thursday, we're challenging you to use SwiftUI and Swift Playgrounds as a medium for creative expression.

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  • Challenge: Design for superheroic navigation

    Calling all designers: On Thursday, we're challenging you to use your powers to design a "super" navigation experience.

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  • Challenge: Throwback Thursday with SwiftUI

    We’re adding some chic retro styling to Thursday's SwiftUI challenge: Create a SwiftUI view that reimagines your app clothed in the interfaces of the past. Dress your UI up in the grayscale style of System 7, the linen of early iPhoneOS, or another time period entirely!

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  • Challenge: Private Access Tokens

    Private Access Tokens are powerful tools that prove when HTTP requests are coming from legitimate devices without disclosing someone's identity. They are simple to set up and test — and so, on Thursday, we're inviting you to try out Private Access Tokens on your own server.

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  • Challenge: Menu bar extras with SwiftUI

    This challenge comes straight from the menu bar itself: It's time to File → New Challenge and use SwiftUI to build a menu bar extra for your app.

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