Get the most out of labs

To request your spot, find the right lab for your questions and select your preferred time window. Keep in mind that your consultation will be a 20-minute or 30-minute appointment within that window.

The most important step in requesting a consultation is providing clear information and context about what you’d like to discuss so we can match you with the right Apple experts. When submitting your request, you can include:

  • Specific questions
  • Details about troubleshooting steps you’ve tried
  • Links to your app if available
  • Requests to discuss general topics, features, or APIs
  • Feedback IDs for related reports you’ve filed using Feedback Assistant

Please submit your question only once, and we’ll match your request with the best possible expert.

If your request is confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a Calendar invitation, Webex link, and other instructions by 10 p.m. PT the night before your consultation. You’ll also receive a notification from the Apple Developer app.

If your request isn’t confirmed, you can submit a request for another day.

If we determine your request would be better addressed by a different team, we’ll transfer your request and notify you by email. Transferred consultations may take place on a different day and/or time than your original request.

Get ready for your consultation in the lab

  • Add the calendar invitation from your email confirmation to your Calendar to ensure timeliness (and reduce any confusion about time zones!). In the Mail app, you’ll find this invitation at the bottom of the message.
  • Catch up on the latest video sessions related to your topic, jot down notes about what you’d like to discuss, and make sure you have any code, wireframes, or visual aids ready to share.
  • Download Webex. If you plan to share your screen, make sure the necessary Webex permissions are enabled.
  • Please be prompt. To make sure our teams are able to give proper attention to all attendees, your consultation will start and end on time. Please mind the clock to make sure you ask all your questions.
  • Video isn’t required. You may be on or off camera as you like.

Keep in mind that some high-demand topics (like design consultations) tend to have more availability in the afternoon, Pacific time.

If you can’t make your consultation — even if it’s already confirmed — please make sure to cancel. This helps us accommodate as many of your fellow developers as possible.

Explore more ways to connect with Apple experts

Visit the Apple Developer Forums to ask questions, get answers, and interact with the developer community.

Visit the Meet with Apple Experts schedule page, where new activities are added regularly.