What’s included in Xcode

Learn about the key features available in Xcode, the integrated development environment for building apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. For detailed information on updates in the latest released versions, including each beta release, visit the Xcode Release Notes.

Xcode 14

This version of Xcode:

  • Includes SDKs for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 12.3, tvOS 16, and watchOS 9.
  • Supports on-device debugging in iOS 11 or later, tvOS 11 or later, and watchOS 4 or later.
  • Requires a Mac running macOS Monterey 12.5 or later.


  • New single target supports multiple platforms and conditionally includes dependencies, code, resources, and build settings for specific platforms.
  • Downloadable simulator runtimes for latest versions of watchOS and tvOS.
  • New assistant editor for build logs shows build timeline to help you enhance parallelism and identify build performance issues.
  • Regex support, including syntax highlighting and playgrounds inline results for quick iteration.
  • DriverKit driver development support for iPadOS.

Asset Catalog

Provide a single 1024 x 1024 pixel app icon in Asset Catalog, and it’s automatically resized for its target.


The memory graph debugger now displays all incoming and outgoing references in the memory graph.


  • Swift-DocC supports building documentation for Objective-C and C APIs.
  • Swift-DocC documentation that Xcode 14 produces is now compatible with most managed hosting services, including GitHub Pages.


  • New Swift Concurrency template traces the usage and behavior of Swift’s concurrency primitives.
  • New Hang Tracing instrument shows when an app’s main thread is unable to handle incoming events.


Export local Swift packages for localization.


New diagnostic reports on application hangs.


All new design, interactive by default, supports automatically generated variants for appearance, accessibility sizes, and more.

Source Editor

  • Enhanced code completion, with initializers surfaced at the top level, overloads collapsed into a single row, and an improved default argument experience.
  • Code structure pins to the top of the source editor as you scroll.
  • Jump to definition and callers has an all-new UI, helping you disambiguate between overloads and call sites.

Swift Packages

Command and build plug-in integration in Xcode.