AirPlay Icons

Use an AirPlay icon in setup or instructional communications related to AirPlay technology.

A black outlined AirPlay icon over a light gray background.

A white outlined AirPlay icon over a dark gray background.

Use only Apple provided AirPlay icons. Don't create your own AirPlay icon design or attempt to mimic the Apple-provided designs. Download AirPlay icons in Resources.


You have several options for displaying the AirPlay icon.

Black AirPlay Icon

Use on white or light backgrounds when other technology icons appear in black.

White AirPlay Icon

Use on black or dark backgrounds when other technology icons appear in white.

Custom Color AirPlay Icon

Use a custom color when other technology icons appear in the same color.

Icon Usage

Position the AirPlay icon consistently with other technology icons. When other technology icons are contained within shapes, the AirPlay icon can be treated in the same manner.

Use the AirPlay icon noninteractively. The icon and the name AirPlay shouldn't be used in custom interactive elements or buttons.

Don't use the AirPlay icon within text or as a replacement for the word AirPlay. See Editorial Guidelines to learn how to properly reference AirPlay in text.

Correct usage

Incorrect usage

Incorrect usage

Pair the icon with the name AirPlay correctly. You can show the name below or beside the icon wherever other technologies are referenced in this way. Use the same font that's used on the rest of your layout. For related guidance, see Editorial Guidelines.