CareKit is an open source framework for building iOS apps that help users follow prescribed care plans. People use CareKit apps to manage a chronic illness like diabetes, recover from an injury or surgery, or achieve health and wellness goals. Users play an active role in managing their own health by tracking care plans and symptoms, and sharing information with their care teams.

Two screenshots side by side: the screenshot on the left is of the Care Contents screen with an overview of the user's Care Plan and activitites; the screenshot on the right is of the Insights screen with recommendations for the user suggested by weekly charted data on pain and medical adherence.

CareKit screens

Apps that use CareKit gain access to prebuilt features and interfaces for consistently presenting care plans, tracking symptoms and treatment, surfacing health data, identifying trends, and fostering communication between a user and their care team.

CareKit screen Function
Care Contents Presents tasks, like taking medication, that the user is expected to perform each day during treatment.
Tracks measurements (like vital signs), symptoms, and assessments that help evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
Insights Surfaces graphical data and alerts for users to understand how their treatment is progressing.
Connect Enables communication with physicians, nurses, family, and friends.

You can also leverage CareKit to construct a Physician Portal, through which a team can track and remotely manage the care of all of their patients.

For developer guidance, see CareKit Programming Guide and CareKit Reference.