In-App Purchase

In-app purchase lets people pay for virtual goods, like premium content, digital goods, and subscriptions, securely within your app. You can also promote and offer in-app purchases directly through the App Store. For guidance on supporting digital subscriptions, see Subscriptions.

Screenshot of an in-app purchase store that sells game gems in several different amounts.

TIP It’s important for app developers to understand the difference between in-app purchase and Apple Pay. Use in-app purchase to sell virtual goods in your app, such as premium content for your app and subscriptions for digital content. Use Apple Pay in your app to sell physical goods like groceries, clothing, and appliances; for services such as club memberships, hotel reservations, and event tickets; and for donations.

Let people experience your app before making a purchase. Users may be more inclined to invest in paid features after they’ve enjoyed your app and discovered its value.

Design an integrated shopping experience. People shouldn’t think they’ve entered a different app when they browse and purchase your digital products. Present products and handle transactions in a way that feels at home in your app.

Use simple, succinct product names and descriptions. It’s best when people can scan a set of products quickly to find the ones they’re interested in. Use plain, direct language and titles that don’t truncate or wrap.

Use the default confirmation sheet. When someone initiates an in-app purchase, the system displays a confirmation sheet to avoid accidental purchases. Don’t attempt to modify or replicate this sheet.

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For marketing and business guidance, see In-App Purchase, Offering Subscriptions, and Promoting Your In-App Purchases. For developer guidance, see StoreKit > In-App Purchase. For information about what you can and can’t sell in your app, including in-app purchase usage requirements and restrictions, see App Store Review Guidelines.