Pickers display lists of items that people navigate using the Digital Crown, which enables a precise and engaging way to manage selections.

Pickers present their items in the following styles.

Screenshot of the Infograph Modular watch face in customization mode. The large complication in the center uses a list picker to display its options. The current option is Wind.

List picker. Displays text and images in a scrolling list. In addition to the selected item, a list picker shows the previous and next items when they're available.

Screenshot of a Podcasts screen that displays a show titled The Daily in the frontmost card in a stack.

Stack picker. Displays images in a card stack interface. As people scroll, images animate into position with the selected image on top.

Screenshot of the Display and Brightness settings screen in which the brightness picker is highlighted.

Sequence picker. Displays one image from a sequence of images. As people turn the Digital Crown, the picker displays the previous or next image in the sequence without animations.

You can configure a picker to display an outline, caption, and scrolling indicator. These elements help identify the picker onscreen and help people navigate its contents.

Use captions to clarify the meaning of items or of the picker itself. You can assign unique captions to an item if it helps to clarify its meaning. Alternatively, you can assign the same caption to all items to clarify the purpose of the picker itself.

Display a scroll indicator when the total number of items might not be obvious. A scroll indicator reflects the total number of items in a picker and indicates the current position within the list. A scroll indicator is unnecessary when the sequence and number of items is obvious, such as when specifying the number of seconds for a timer.

Screenshot of the Infograph Modular watch face in customization mode. The graphic rectangular large-image complication is selected and weather conditions is the current choice. The scroll indicator in the top-right side of the screen shows that there are several other complications available for this slot.

For developer guidance, see Picker (SwiftUI) and WKInterfacePicker (WatchKit).