Help users access and manage their external accounts from within your app, without requiring them to enter login credentials.


The Accounts framework provides access to user accounts stored in the Accounts database, which is managed by the system. An account stores the login credentials of a particular service, such as Twitter, and you use those credentials to authenticate with the service. When you integrate the Accounts framework into your app, you don’t need to store account logins yourself. Instead, the user grants your app access to use their account login credentials, bypassing the need to type their username and password. If no account for a particular service exists in the user’s Accounts database, you can let them create and save an account from within your app.


Account Management

class ACAccountStore

The object you use to request, manage, and store the user’s account information.

class ACAccount

The information associated with one of the user’s accounts.

class ACAccountCredential

An ACAccountCredential object encapsulates the information needed to authenticate a user.

Account Types

class ACAccountType

An object that encapsulates information about all accounts of a particular type.


struct ACErrorCode

Codes for errors that may occur.

let ACErrorDomain: String

The error domain for the Accounts framework.


Deprecated Symbols

Avoid using deprecated symbols in your apps.