Property List Key


The services provided by an app.


array of dictionaries


Property List Keys

property list key NSKeyEquivalent

A keyboard shortcut that invokes the service menu command.

Name: Menu key equivalent
property list key NSMenuItem

Text for a Services menu item.


Name: Menu
property list key NSMessage

An instance method that invokes the service.


Name: Instance method name
property list key NSPortName

The port that the service monitors for incoming requests.

Name: Incoming service port name
property list key NSReturnTypes

The data types that the service returns.

Name: Return Types
property list key NSSendTypes

The data types that the service can read.

Name: Send Types
property list key NSTimeout

The amount of time, in milliseconds, that the system waits for a response from the service.

Name: Timeout value (in milliseconds)
property list key NSUserData

A service-specific string value.

Name: User Data

See Also

Extensions and Services

property list key NSExtension

The properties of an app extension.

property list key WKExtensionDelegateClassName

The name of your watchOS app’s extension delegate.

property list key UIApplicationShortcutWidget

The bundle ID of the widget that's available as a Home screen quick action in apps that have more than one widget.

Name: Home Screen Widget