The IMKCandidates class presents candidates to users and notifies the appropriate IMKInputController object when the user selects a candidate. Candidates are alternate characters for a given input sequence. The IMKCandidates class supports using a candidates window in your input method; using IMKCandidates is optional. Not all input methods require them.


class IMKCandidates : NSResponder


When you create an IMKCandidates object, you attach it to the IMKServer object for your input method. You then need to override the IMKInputController methods candidateSelectionChanged: and candidateSelected: as well as implement a candidates method in your delegate object. The IMKInputController subclass supplies candidates to the IMKCandidates object by implementing the candidates method. When you are ready to display a candidates window, call the candidates method to update candidates and to show the candidates window.


Initializing a Candidates Window

init!(server: IMKServer!, panelType: IMKCandidatePanelType)

Returns the initialized IMKCandidates object.

Managing Selection Keys

func setSelectionKeys([Any]!)

Sets the selection keys for the candidates.

func selectionKeys() -> [Any]!

Returns an array of NSNumber objects where each NSNumber object represents a virtual key code.

func setSelectionKeysKeylayout(TISInputSource!)

Sets the key layout that is used to map virtual key codes to characters.

func selectionKeysKeylayout() -> Unmanaged<TISInputSource>!

Returns the key layout that maps virtual key codes to selection keys.

Managing Window Visibility and Behavior

func show(IMKCandidatesLocationHint)

Shows the candidates window.

func hide()

Hides a candidates window, if it is visible.

func isVisible() -> Bool

Returns whether or not the candidates window is visible.

func setDismissesAutomatically(Bool)

Sets the state of the flag that determines whether the candidates window dismisses automatically.

func dismissesAutomatically() -> Bool

Returns the state of the flag that determines whether the candidates window dismisses automatically.

func update()

Updates the candidates that are displayed in the candidates window.

Managing Window Type and Text Attributes

func panelType() -> IMKCandidatePanelType

Returns the style of the candidates window.

func setPanelType(IMKCandidatePanelType)

Sets the style of the candidates window.

func setAttributes([AnyHashable : Any]!)

Sets the style attributes for the candidates window.

func attributes() -> [AnyHashable : Any]!

Returns a dictionary of the style attributes used for the candidates window..

Showing an Annotation Window

func showAnnotation(NSAttributedString!)

Displays an annotation string in an annotation window.


typealias IMKCandidatePanelType

Types of candidates windows provide by the Input Method Kit.

typealias IMKCandidatesLocationHint

Hints that suggest where to place the candidates window.


The opacity level for a candidates window.