Vector convert power or amplitude to decibels; single precision.


void vDSP_vdbcon(const float *__A, vDSP_Stride __IA, const float *__B, float *__C, vDSP_Stride __IC, vDSP_Length __N, unsigned int __F);



Single-precision real input vector


Stride for A


Pointer to single-precision real input scalar: zero reference


Single-precision real output vector


Stride for C


The number of elements to process


Power (0) or amplitude (1) flag


Performs the following operation. α is 20 if F is 1, or 10 if F is 0.

Converts inputs from vector A to their decibel equivalents, calculated in terms of power or amplitude according to flag F. As a relative reference point, the value of input scalar *B is considered to be zero decibels.