Instance Method


Invoked by setValue(_:forKey:) when it finds no property for a given key.


func setValue(_ value: Any?, forUndefinedKey key: String)



The value for the key identified by key.


A string that is not equal to the name of any of the receiver's properties.


Subclasses can override this method to handle the request in some other way. The default implementation raises an NSUndefinedKeyException.

See Also

Setting Values

func setValue(Any?, forKeyPath: String)

Sets the value for the property identified by a given key path to a given value.

func setValuesForKeys([String : Any])

Sets properties of the receiver with values from a given dictionary, using its keys to identify the properties.

func setNilValueForKey(String)

Invoked by setValue(_:forKey:) when it’s given a nil value for a scalar value (such as an int or float).

func setValue(Any?, forKey: String)

Sets the property of the receiver specified by a given key to a given value.