iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive safely stores any kind of file so it can be accessed in iCloud-enabled apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. With macOS, users can even access their Mac desktop and Documents folder on iOS.

Enable iCloud Drive in Your App
Create a folder for your app in iCloud Drive so your users can quickly access the documents they’ve created using your app. All their edits are automatically synced to all their devices.

Flexible Organization and Collaboration
Users can organize documents in iCloud Drive in ways that work best for them. Add support so users can open their documents using your app from anywhere in iCloud Drive.

Get Started

Download and install the latest version of Xcode and use the development resources below to learn about enabling your document-based apps to work with iCloud Drive.

Xcode and SDKs

Xcode includes the SDKs for building apps that support iCloud Drive.