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On-Demand Resources Guide

Setting the Host in an App

You set the host used to store on-demand resources for an app in the build settings for a target. Each target can have a different host.

Configuring a Target

The Asset Pack Manifest URL Prefix build setting for a target is a string specifying the location where the asset packs are stored. The value is either:

  • The empty string. The app uses the default host for accessing on-demand resources: the App Store for distributed apps, Xcode or Xcode Server for apps in development, or TestFlight for apps distributed for testing.

  • A hosted asset-packs URL. The app requests on-demand resources from the server at the path specified by the URL.

Specifying a Hosted Asset-Packs URL

The hosting URL for an asset pack resolves to the path where the asset pack is stored. The URL ends with a forward slash (/). The general form is:


For example, if the asset pack is hosted on the HTTPS server in the directory /appcontent/tagme/tags/, the URL is

Setting the Host for a Target

To add a hosted asset-packs URL to a target
  1. In the project navigator, select the project file.

  2. In the project editor, select the target.

  3. Select the Build Settings pane.

  4. Show the Assets category.

  5. Set the value of the Asset Pack Manifest URL Prefix setting to the URL for the hosted asset packs.