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On-Demand Resources Guide

Platform Sizes for On-Demand Resources

The total size for the resources in a tag can be no more than 512 MB after app slicing. The total size for the on-demand resources stored on the app store for an app can be no more than 20 GB. The total size limit for the on-demand resources associated with an app are in addition to the size limit for the app bundle downloaded by the user.

The ideal size of a tag is less than or equal to 64 MB. This size provides a good balance between download speed and local storage to make available for purging when the local storage for the device is low.

There are limits on the amount of storage used by on-demand resources at App Store submission time and while the app is running.

Table 4-1On-demand resource sizes




iOS App bundle

2 GB

tvOS App bundle

4 GB


512 MB

Asset packs


Initial install tags

2 GB

Initial install and prefetched tags

4 GB

In use on-demand resources

2 GB

Hosted on-demand resources

20 GB

  • Slicing. A checkmark (✓) indicates that the size reflects App Slicing. Slicing delivers only the resources needed for a target device. For more information on slicing, see App Thinning (iOS, watchOS).

  • App bundle. The size of the sliced app bundle downloaded to the device.

  • Asset packs. Asset packs are generated by Xcode, see On-Demand Resource Life Cycle.

  • Initial install tags. The total sliced size of the tags marked for initial install.

  • Initial install and prefetched tags. The total sliced size of the tags marked for initial install and the tags marked for prefetching.

  • In use on-demand resources. The total sliced size of the tags in use by the app at any one time. A tag is in use as long as at least one NSBundleResourceRequest object is accessing it.

  • Hosted on-demand resources. The total presliced size of the tags hosted on the App Store.