AFP Version Differences

This document as a whole describes the current version of the Apple Filing Protocol. This section provides a list of what commands were added in each AFP version.

For a complete description of the commands themselves, see Apple Filing Protocol Reference.

Missing AFP Command Codes

12 and 13 were missing from Inside AppleTalk and have never been allocated.

38-43 were missing from Inside AppleTalk but were added in AFP 2.1; presumably they were preallocated for System 7.0.

44-47 and 50 were missing from Inside AppleTalk and have never been allocated.

76 was added in AFP 3.2+, but will not be documented.

77 was used in prerelease versions of AFP 3.2+ but was discontinued before GM.

AFP 2.0

This version of the protocol is the version that was initially documented in Inside AppleTalk. The contents of Inside AppleTalk are now split between this document and Apple Filing Protocol Reference.

AFP 2.1

This version was a significant upgrade to accommodate System 7.0.

AFP 2.2

AFP 3.0

Introduced in OS X v.10.0 and also used in v.10.1, AFP 3.0 includes major changes to support OS X.

AFP 3.1

Introduced in OS X v10.2, AFP 3.1 was a relatively minor release to tidy up some nagging OS X issues.

AFP 3.1+

Introduced in OS X v.10.3, AFP 3.1+ added additional reconnection functionality and additional Kerberos support.

AFP 3.2

Introduced in OS X v10.4, AFP 3.2 added support for ACLs and extended attributes.

AFP 3.2+

Introduced in OS X v10.5, AFP 3.2+ added better synchronization support for Time Machine.

AFP 3.3

Introduced in OS X v10.6. Mandates support for the AFP replay cache (described in AFP Replay Cache).

AFP 3.4

Introduced in OS X v10.8. Changes the error code mapping so that the POSIX error code ENOATTR maps onto the kFPItemNotFound AFP error code. (In previous versions, an ENOATTR on the server side produced a kFPMiscErr AFP error code.)