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Energy Efficiency Guide for iOS Apps

Observe Signs of Energy Leaks

When testing and debugging your app, watch for these signs of excessive energy use:

  • Battery drain

  • Activity when you expect your app to be idle

  • An unresponsive or slow user interface

  • Large amounts of work on the main thread

  • High use of animations

  • High use of view opacity

  • Swapping

  • Memory stalls and cache misses

  • Memory warnings

  • Lock contention

  • Excessive context switches

  • Excessive use of timers

  • Excessive drawing to screen

  • Excessive or repeated small disk I/O

  • High-overhead communication, such as network activity with small packets and buffers

  • Preventing device sleep

See Which Apps Use Energy on a Device

Users can manage certain energy-related factors, such as screen brightness and active network hardware, by adjusting their device’s settings. They can also open Settings > Battery to see which apps have consumed the most energy recently. See Figure 19-1.

Figure 19-1Battery usage by app in iOS image: ../Art/ios_battery_usage_2x.png