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Energy Efficiency Guide for iOS Apps

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WWDC Videos

The following WWDC videos provide more information about building energy-efficient apps.

2015 WWDC Videos

2014 WWDC Videos

2013 WWDC Videos

  • image: ../Art/video_icon_2x.pngWWDC 2013: Energy Best Practices

  • image: ../Art/video_icon_2x.pngWWDC 2013: Power and Performance: Optimizing Your Website for Great Battery Life and Responsive Scrolling

  • image: ../Art/video_icon_2x.pngWWDC 2013: What’s New in Core Location

  • image: ../Art/video_icon_2x.pngWWDC 2013: What’s New in Foundation Networking

2012 WWDC Videos

  • image: ../Art/video_icon_2x.pngWWDC 2012: Asynchronous Design Patterns with Blocks, GCD, and XPC

2011 WWDC Videos

2010 WWDC Videos