Other Security Resources

Now that you’ve read about the basics, there are a few more things you should learn. First, read these two documents:

When you’re ready to test your code, the static analyzer in Xcode is a great tool for uncovering a lot of common security bugs. Read Xcode Help to learn more about the kinds of testing and analysis that you can perform with Xcode.

After reading those documents, consider reading some of the documents listed in the rest of this appendix.

Other Apple Documentation

Here are a few other Apple documents you might be interested in, depending on what technologies you want to learn more about.

Authentication and Authorization


Code And Application Signing

Secure Storage

Secure Networking

Privilege Separation


Third-Party Documentation

There are a number of excellent books on computer security that you should consider reading. Here are just a few of them, grouped into subject areas.

Standards and Protocol References

The following pages describe some of the standards, protocols, and algorithms used by Apple. Although many of these pages are fairly old, the standards have not changed enough to invalidate their usefulness.

Common Criteria


Other Secure Networking Protocols