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This document is a Mac OS X manual page. Manual pages are a command-line technology for providing documentation. You can view these manual pages locally using the man(1) command. These manual pages come from many different sources, and thus, have a variety of writing styles.

For more information about the manual page format, see the manual page for manpages(5).

DLERROR(3)               BSD Library Functions Manual               DLERROR(3)

     dlerror -- get diagnostic information

     #include <dlfcn.h>

     const char*

     dlerror() returns a null-terminated character string describing the last
     error that occurred on this thread during a call to dlopen(),
     dlopen_preflight(), dlsym(), or dlclose().  If no such error has
     occurred, dlerror() returns a null pointer.  At each call to dlerror(),
     the error indication is reset.  Thus in the case of two calls to
     dlerror(), where the second call follows the first immediately, the sec-ond second
     ond call will always return a null pointer.

     dlopen(3) dlopen_preflight(3) dlclose(3) dlsym(3) dyld(3)

                                April 17, 2006