Creating and Downloading a Distribution Provisioning Profile

A figure shows that the team admin can now complete Step 3 in the overall team admin workflow, creating a Distribution Provisioning Profile.

To distribute an app, a team admin must create a distribution provisioning profile (this profile is different from a Development Provisioning Profile). The distribution provisioning profile consists of a name, a distribution certificate, and an app ID. The name is used only so that you can identify a provisioning profile. A provisioning profile is valid for one year.

Apps can be distributed either through the App Store with an iTunes Connect account or through ad hoc distribution. If you are enrolled in the Enterprise Program, you can also use in-house distribution. For more on distribution methods see Distributing an App.

Creating a Distribution Provisioning Profile

To create a distribution provisioning profile...

Downloading and Installing a Distribution Provisioning Profile

To download a provisioning profile...

To install the provisioning profile on your Mac, drag the .mobileprovision file onto the Xcode, iPhone Configuration Utility, or iTunes icon in the Dock.